Vinyl Flooring

From Nassau County Wood Floors

  • Vinyl flooring is the most affordable option on the market today.
  • It is versatile and easily resembles various other flooring including marble, wood, brick, or tile.
  • Vinyl flooring has a top layer called the wear layer and is usually very thick. As the name suggests it is resistant to wear (rips, tears, and stains).
  • The thicker the wear layer the more resistant to wear it is.
  • Premium vinyl has enhanced coatings that can make your flooring scratch resistant as well.
  • Vinyl floors typically come in a gloss to high gloss finish; the higher gloss the finish the better the vinyl performs under everyday wear.

How to Choose Vinyl

Vinyl’s versatility, easy install options, and affordability is what makes it a choice for many homeowners. Consider these few points as you search for vinyl flooring for your home.

  • The darker the flooring the smaller the room appears. For smaller spaces opt for a lighter color or pattern to give the space an airy aesthetic appearance.
  • Vinyl comes in a variety of patterns and designs. Small or detailed patterns are trendy and interesting options for any space. Larger patterns give the illusion of larger space and can make smaller areas appear slightly bigger and roomier.
  • Vinyl can resemble tile, brick, or even hardwood. Consider the best design for your space. Tile is idea for bathrooms, brick makes for warm and interesting mudroom or laundry rooms, and hardwood works well in living spaces.


  • Maintaining and caring for your vinyl is simple, affordable, and straightforward.
  • Minimize grime on your vinyl flooring by placing doormats at entrances of your spaces.
  • Utilize rugs to warm up your space and protect your floor in high traffic areas such as in living rooms or hallways.
  • Place vinyl coasters under heavy furniture to avoid unnecessary indentations in your vinyl and use mats under lighter pieces to reduce slipping and sliding.
  • Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly and wet mop clean with hot water to maintain the finish of your floor and reduce unnecessary discolorations due to accumulations of dirt or grime.

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